Find a Person

Finding a person may mean looking for a long-lost friend, estranged family member, or finding someone who has defaulted on financial responsibilities or absconded.

The police can’t help with many cases of finding a missing person, so many people turn to a private investigator after they have exhausted their own research. Others may want a private investigator to deal with the search from the start.

The Investigation Agency have over 20 years of experience in tracing people. We use many investigative techniques that do not simply rely on internet searches. We often interview people and perform searches where necessary to gather more information as to the missing person’s whereabouts. We always comply with data protection and privacy laws in tracing people.

If you feel that we can be of some assistance finding a missing person or tracing a particularly elusive debtor or fraudster, please get in touch. We have an excellent record and are relentless in our efforts to bring about a successful conclusion.