Discrete Surveillance

Surveillance makes up a large part of a private investigators work. This can include monitoring partners or spouses accused of extra-marital affairs, following employees or contractors who are not working as they should be, or people hoping to claim extra benefits or insurance claims through fraudulent activity. However, we also perform surveillance on residential areas, building up a picture of the neighbourhood before someone moves into a new house.

Personal Surveillance

Surveillance based evidence such as photography and video stands the greatest chance of being used to prove or disprove a case in a court of law, as long as the surveillance has been carried out legally and to a high quality. The Investigation Agency are able to provide unbiased evidence and information for the client and ensure that it is presented in a clear and professional manner.

We are able to monitor individuals under the following circumstances:

  • Extra-marital affairs
  • Employees who may be moonlighting or not working on company time. See also Employee theft
  • Benefits fraud
  • Personal insurance claims
  • Anti-social behavior

Residential Profiles

If you are moving into a new area you may wish to understand more about the neighborhood and the people who live there. The purpose of a residential profile is to provide the client with an unbiased appraisal of the area they are moving to. We won’t dwell on any negatives, but give a balanced view of the locality highlighting what we may see as potential downsides which may not necessarily be the view of an estate agent or the vendor. The Investigation Agency will draw upon our in-depth knowledge of the island and over 20 years of experience in this field.

We can offer:

  • An in-depth profile of the client’s new neighborhood. Including schools, doctors, recreational facilities, shops etc.
  • Possible areas of potential dispute among neighbours. (Are they shift workers or taxi drivers. Do they have children or noisy pets? Exactly who will you be living next door to?)
  • Crime in the vicinity.
  • What are the streets like late at night? Traffic, possible nuisances, noise pollution etc.
  • What it is like living in the area for a night, 24 hours, 72 hours or a week? We will move into the area for a specific period to give you a true feel of what to expect.
  • Do the access roads flood in the wintertime?
  • What is the view of the locals.

Photographic/Video evidence, statements and official figures to support the above where appropriate.

Together with our own knowledge, we will seek the views of  people who live and work in the area. Neighbours, local police, councilors, developers, shop owners, bar/restaurant owners, estate or letting agents, taxi drivers and so on.